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Connection Errors - Sep. 29th **Resolved**

This issue should now be resolved.  A disk that was full was not showing up in monitors. This disk was causing the server software to act up to say the least.  Some users who saw slow speeds may also see there speeds return back to normal.  If you are still seeing issues, please write to support and let us know.  Thank you for your patience.


Users are seeing connection errors, we are looking into it, we will have this fixed ASAP.  The EU server is working and you may use it in the meantime.

UPDATE- Midnight Eastern time- We restarted a machine that was causing the connection issues and that solved the problem for a couple of hours, however it seems they are cropping up again.  Needless to say we will need to play around with it some more to see why it is failing.  In the meantime, you may use the EU server ( as it remains up and available for use.  We apologize for this and will have the US up and running again as soon as we can.

Last update: 2009-09-30 07:12
Author: Brad

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