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Service Enhancements!

UPDATE May 19th- We have added an additional port for users to connect with for SSL.  This additional port is 5563. This means you can connect with ports 563 OR 5563 for SSL use.


We have some exciting new service enhancements that are now active for all users!  They are as follows:

- First off, we have a NEW US based server for our customers to use as
they wish, in addition to a new and improved EU server.

- Due to the above server addition, server addresses are being altered a
  They are as follows:

US Server: Ports: 23,119,443,2000,880,8080,9000
EU Server: Ports: 23,119,443,2000,880,8080,9000

The SSL ports for BOTH servers are 563 OR 5563.

The previous address will be going away at some point in the future, so it
would be wise to change to one of the above addresses.  In the meantime,
the previous address will begin pointing at the new EU server.

- Headers are also back!  You will find we now have header retention
matching our article retention.

- We are also happy to announce that retention is increasing to a
competitive 400 days!
  You will notice that once you switch server
addresses retention is now around 255 days or so, this will be rising day
by day.  if you use headers, please remember to reload them.

- Another exciting feature we have added is the use of a "Webreader".

This web reader will allow you to use your browser to view and reply to
text and picture groups, without the need of a separate Newsreader.  There
is also a version for IPhone / Smart Phone users
, so now you can take part
in Usenet discussions while on the go, or stuck in traffic (please do so
safely of course)!  The links for both of these are located in your Account
Center on the left hand side.  An active subscription to one of our
products is required to use the web reader, and you must complete a one
time registration before you can use it.  Simply log in to the web reader
with your user name and password to get started.

- We have also added a new "Weekly Unlimited" account for users.  Now you
no longer have to commit to a full month or more when all you need is a

- All of our accounts also require no commitments, if you choose not to
have one!
  You no longer need to be tied down to a month to month
commitment.  Sign up and "Pay As you Go" and use your account when the time
is right for you.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns by sending us a message via the support function.

The Usenetnow Team

Last update: 2009-05-19 19:33
Author: Brad

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