What do I need to get started with your service?

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2018-12-22 04:16

It is quite easy to get started with Usenetnow.  You need only several things to do so.


1) An active account with us

2) A newsreader

There are many newsreaders out there.  Finding the best one to use can seem difficult, luckily there are many free ones that you can try, to find one that suits your needs.  Below is a list of some of the more common newsreaders.  Please note that this list is not by any means comprehensive, but can be used to point you in the right direction. Usenetnow does not recomend any of these newsreaders over the other.

  • GrabIt
  • Alt.Binz
  • SabNZBd
  • Newsbin
  • Newsleecher

There are many Usenet and Newsgroup related guides and forums on the web that have a wealth of information (way more than we could put in our FAQ pages!) that will assist you further with setting up your chosen newsreader and getting the most out of your account with us.

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